Band saw BS400

Arc Shape Upper/Lower Doors

Cast Iron Upper/Lower Wheels with Magnetic Braking Motor fitted

Parallel Fence with Micro Adjustment Function

10″ Cutting Depth Capacity

16″ Width Cutting Capacity

Blade Tension Indicator (2 Windows)

Sheet Metal Extention Table



Maximum cutting depth 255mm (10″)
Throat width 410mm (16″)
Table size 560mm x 450mm
Table height 890mm
Table tilt -10 to +45
Mitre Guide T-Slot 10mm / 16mm
Cutting speed 420 & 840m/min
Motor (induction) 2200w (3hp)
Blade length 3345mm
Blade widths 10-37mm (3/8″ – 1 1/2″)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 965mm x 800mm x 1760mm
Weight 150kg


1.The BS500 band saw countertops can be tilted 45 degrees.

2.Belt grinding is a kind of high speed rotating belt with a certain pressure and the working surface contact, produce a relative friction, so as to the workpiece grinding, widely used in metal and non-metal made of a variety of parts of the surface grinding.

3.The abrasive fibers are evenly distributed so that they do not rust, break or become unstable as a steel brush. Can easily remove wood and metal surface, rust, scratches, restore to show the product fine surface effect