Band saw BS500

Cast iron wheel Cast iron fence

Fence with scale and magnifying window

Cast iron working table




Model BS500
Power 400V , 3 ~, 50Hz
Motor 3.5 KW/1450 rpm
Blade Length 4100mm
Blade Width 19 ~ 38mm
Blade speed 22m/sec
Throat  Capacity 500mm
Max. cutting height 350mm
Table size 600 x 500mm
Table Tilt 0 ~ 45°
N.W. / G.W. 280/316kgs
Packing size 930 x 724 x 2140mm
Noise ( unloading ) 78dB (A )


1.The BS500 band saw countertops can be tilted 45 degrees.

2.Belt grinding is a kind of high speed rotating belt with a certain pressure and the working surface contact, produce a relative friction, so as to the workpiece grinding, widely used in metal and non-metal made of a variety of parts of the surface grinding.

3.The abrasive fibers are evenly distributed so that they do not rust, break or become unstable as a steel brush. Can easily remove wood and metal surface, rust, scratches, restore to show the product fine surface effect