Double-end CNC Tenon and mortising machine DET T2

Winmax double end tenoning machines with strong processing capability, can process more than 10 kinds of process  effects.



Woodworking machine Double sided round double end tenoner

double end tenoner double side tenoing machines

Max.material size 2000mm(L)x180mm(W)  x70mm(T)
Max.working width 180mm
Max.tenon length 40mm
1st Spindle power 5.5KWx2pcs
2nd Spindle power
Spindle speed 12000RPM
Feeding motor 400W(SERVO)x2pcs
Length movement 1KW with
1st/2nd Spindle up
/ down
x2pcs(X1 &X2)
1 st/2nd Spindle right / left 1 .OKW(SERVO)
x 2pcs(Z1 &Z2)
1 st/2nd Spindle
forward /
Working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power 18.30KW
Dimension 4600x2200x1800mm
Weight 2500kg

1. Automatic feeding and discharging; advanced numerical control system, simple operation, easy adjustment, high degree of automation.

2. Automatic clamping positioning, double end simultaneous processing, efficient and accurate, reduce labor intensity of workers.

3. The separation of the knives effectively prevented the workers from industrial accident.

4. Production of  square, rectangular tenon, waist circle, circular, oblique tenon shapes, are widely used in door, table, chair and other furniture tenon processing.

5. Technical breakthrough the vertical swing angle, (+45°)(-12°), the horizontal swing angle (+13°)(-23.5°) range, 5-6 times of single head tenon work efficiency, saving labor cost.

6. Automatic alignement of worked pieces on guides situated in front of the operator, who is in the best position both to collect pieces and to control their quality.
Possibility to cut off, adjusting the thickness to “0”wood furniture chairs bed sofa tenon making High speed Wood through feed double end tenoner machine

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