Five spindle wood four side moulder FSM230

More than 30 kinds of options, 10 types of different spindle configurations to meet variable individual requirements moulder series.


High speed China woodworking automatic 4 side woodworking planer moulder

four side moulder

Professional solution for processing Anticorrosive wood,Wall hanging wooden board, Sauna board etc. for high efficient processing of multi-pieces molding.

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4-sides moulder
Specification and Model FSM230
Working width (cutter OD110mm) 20-230
Working thickness (cutter OD110mm) 8-160
Spindle QTY 5
Spindle rotation
1st bottom spindle 6000
Right spindle 6000
Left spindle 6000
Top spindle 6000
2nd bottom spindle 6000
1st bottom spindle Ø110 ~ Ø145
Right spindle Ø110 ~ Ø200
Left spindle Ø110 ~ Ø200
Top spindle Ø110 ~ Ø200
2nd bottom spindle Ø110 ~ Ø200
Dia of shaft (mm) Ø40
( KW )
1st bottom spindle 5.5 kW/7.5HP
Right spindle 5.5 kW/7.5HP
Left spindle 7.5 kW/10HP
Top spindle 7.5 kW/10HP
2nd bottom spindle 7.5 kW/10HP
Feeding 3kW/4HP
Feeding beam lift 0.75kW/1HP
Total motor power(KW) 37.25kW/50HP
Feeding speed (m/min) (Inverter to feed) 6~30
Top pressure roller dia, OD/ID (mm) Ø140/ Ø35
Dust suction pipe Dia. (mm) Ø150
Dimension L * W * H (mm) 3980×1720×1730mm
Weight N.W.(Ton) About 3.6


1. 4 sided planer and moulder with inverter feed speed of 6~30m/min(Optional feed speed 9-45m/min.

2. Individual motor to each spindle to ensure maximum power transmission.

3. High precision spindle units with two pairs of high precision bearings each end of the assembly.

4. All main spindle adjustments are carried out from outside the enclosure.

5. Electroplating worktable ,good wear resistance.

6. Short piece driven top feed roller unit for greater feeding control around the right side spindle.

7. A group of side pressure wheels on the right side of the left spindle, adjusted the pressure flexible by pneumatic.

8. As our standard, short pieces device with pneumatic double-direction( press and raise) , you can make the workpieces feeding or back in anytime.

9. in-feed bottom helical roller is more suitable for large deformation and high moisture of the wood to feed.

10. Multi-group bottom driving roller to improve the feed effect.

11. Pneumatic pressure loaded to top feed rollers separately adjustable, for easy of feeding stock with variation in thickness.

12. Adjustable out-feed side pressure plate can meet the different thickness of material output steadily.

13. Manual bed lubrication to reduce friction and improve feeding difficult timbers.

14. Adopting electric component from international class with steady quality.

15. Sealed safety enclose to reduce noise levels, improve extraction and operator safety.

Wood Sample Diagram

4 sides moulder 4-sided moulder

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