1325/1530 Furniture making CNC Router machine K45

Applicable material: solid wood panel, artificial board, acrylics, PVC, MDF and so on

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1325/1530 Furniture making CNC Router machine center wood carving machine K45

1325 cnc router

4*8ft Furniture making wood carving cnc router machine center K45 will be a good choice if you are looking for a cost-effective cnc router.

Furniture making CNC router machine for wood carving k45 system upgrades to B51 can see the working path and G code on the handle.

Efficient and affordable even for small shops, these 3axis CNC routers machines are low in price and high in quality.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business with a larger machine or you’re just searching for great value, these routers will simplify the process of production without forcing you to dig deep into your pockets.

Winmax is a professional CNC router manufacturer,furniture making cnc router machine  manufacturer,CNC wood carving machine manufacturer for 20 years.

4th axis rotary option available…

K45-1325 furniture macking cnc router machine

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MODEL furniture making cnc router K45
X-Y-Z axis working
1300 x1300x200mm
Machine size 2100x 2100 x1700mm
X-Y movement rack and pinion,
gear drive
Z movement ball screw
Guide Linear ¢25 square
Max. speed 35,000mm/min
Max. cutting speed 25,000mm/min
Spindle power 4.5KW HSD air
cooing spindle
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power fulling inverter
Drive motors Stepper motor*4PCS
Working voltage AC380V/50-60Hz,
Command code G code
Computer interface USB 2.0
Table Vacuum table with T
Controller DSPB57
Packing size 2200x2500x1800mm
Weight  900 kgs
Driver Leashine*4PCS
Video for wood cnc machine center K45
a) ball screw Taiwan TBI
※.(TBI, Taiwan) produce C5 class ball screw, precision is less than 0.03mm,Ball screw has dust prove device on both ends and both Layers, may completely isolate dust, and then prolong life.
b)Liner guide way  Taiwan 25MM
※.(Lapping, Taiwan) Precision N class liner guide way with precision less then 0.02mm The liner guide way has middle preloading design,features of high precision and stability may prolong liner guide way.
c). precision rack and pinion transmission
※.The transmission is by rack and pinion made by famous Germany manufacturer. The precision is less than 0.02mm Tooth face is heat treated with features of high efficiency transmission, Bearing high torque, low noise.
d).DSP handheld controller Model :DSP B57
※.Automatic tool change process, rapid, accurate, safe
※.Support drive, frequency converter fault alarm.
※.“T” order recognize mode, support more numbers of tools.
※.Support tool store lid, additional features such as dust-proof cover etc.
※. allows for tool path previewing and 4 axis function (B581 Controller)
e). Oil lubrication system
※. When the oil tank needs filling,top up with a good quality SAE 30 weight oil.
f)Vacuum Table with T-Slots
※The vacuum table has T-slot mounting devices incorporated into the tables to enable fixtures and material blanks to be clamped directly to the table. Clamps are provided.
g)basic types of router bits
straight, up shear, down shear,combination (also called compression)and form tools (round over, ogee,etc.).
Each type of bit has aspecific application for use.
h)Touch-off puck
※save time of tool setting
i)Stepper motor
※High torque
※low vibration
※low heat
※high reliability
j)spindle 4.5kw HSD air cooling ,24000rpm
※Imported bearings with good quality, long working life
※Application: Milling,Engraving,Drilling
※Every spindle motor must be passed polishing process, improve spindle concentricity to increase motor working life.
k)dust hood
※This 4″ dust port will help reduce the amount of dust dispersed from your CNC router.
The unit also includes a hinged door for easy bit changing.

Applicable materials

About the 1325/1530 Furniture making CNC Router wood carving machine center K45

1.General woodworking manufacturing (Cabinet, Furniture, Solid wood, etc)

2.3 dimensional (3D) machining (sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.)

3.Sheet plastic fabrication, Composite machining (graphite, phenolic, Kevlar, etc)

4. Non-ferrous sheet metal machining (aluminum, brass, copper, zinc)

Our Advantages

winmax woodworking machine

1.We can customize the most suitable machine for you according to the materials you process and the production process, such as changing the working size, changing the spindle, table, motor, etc.

2.Your transition period from delivered to making money is minimized with our full support staff and technician training. We provide over-the-phone training and 7*24h working for you.

3.Our machine are treated by high-temperature tempering and vibration stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress; ensure good stability and not easy to deform, always keep machine accurate.
4.Our company verified by Bureau Veritas (Company profile certification, Business scope certification, Enterprise quailification certification ). Our machines are CE certified and ISO 9001 certified.

Company Infor:

Winmax specializes in the suppliers of woodworking machinery,like CNC machine center,cabinet/furniture making machine,CNC router,CNC engraving machine,CNC woodworking machine  for 20 years.

Delivery &Packing

winmax cnc router woodworking machine packing

We will take care of your cnc router wood carving machine  packages well like picture show.

·Our workers will make sure your cnc router machine clean before package.

·We will add stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for delicate protection.

·We will make export standard strong Wooden box case package as your request.

·Welcome to visit our cnc machining factory &industry,and we will provide the perfect CNC manufacturing solution for the business and excellent CNC machine services to all wordwide esteemed and valued customers are our chief aim.

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