CNC Router Machine Center for Kitchen Cabinets

widely used in wooden door and furniture, windows, tables and chairs,cabinets and panels, 3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc.

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ATC 3d Wood Carving CNC Router Machine Center for Kitchen Cabinets with double station model

The kitchen cabinets CNC router machine center with double station model is suitable for diversified complex product processing, 4 spindle automatic switching, can pack 4 different cutting tools for step processing, and has wide functions: router, row drill, cutting, side milling and sawing.

It can realize double position processing. When the machine is operated for one position, the two station can carry on the operation of up and down at the same time, without idle time, and greatly improve the working efficiency and productivity.

K75 kitchen cabinets cnc machine center


The configuration of K75 ATC machine center decoration lines is excellent.

The solid machine structure with heat treatment ensures the stability even in high intensity working load with the fastest efficiency and without tiny vibration. K75 ATC is a master-class CNC machining center.

It uses the best parts in the world with a tempered heavy-duty bed,it can meet your machining requirements with the highest quality. 8 pcs linear tool changer make it easy to complete highly complex jobs.

The best German Becker pumps and China Tongyou pumps for you to choose. This cnc router machine  is dedicated to solid wood furniture manufacturing and soft metal processing.

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MODEL K75 ATC cnc router machine center
3 axis automatic tool change cnc
X-Y-Z axis
working area
Machine size 2200x7600x2380mm
X-Y movement rack and pinion,
gear drive
Z movement ball screw drive
Guide Linear ¢25 square
Max. speed 60m/min
Spindle power 9KW air cooling
Reducer zhuolan*3PCS
Auto tool
linear type with tool
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power 11kw fulling*4PCS
Drive motors servo motor
Roller for loading the
USB 2.0
Table vacuum table
Pump 7.5KW Chinese
Controller Syntec 60CA with
pop up pins x axis*2PCS
y axis*4PCS
Weight 4500KG
a) ball screw Taiwan TBI
※.(TBI, Taiwan) produce C5 class ball screw, precision is less than 0.03mm,Ball screw has dust prove device on both ends and both Layers, may completely isolate dust, and then prolong life.
b)Liner guide way  Taiwan 25MM
※.(Lapping, Taiwan) Precision N class liner guide way with precision less then 0.02mm The liner guide way has middle preloading design,features of high precision and stability may prolong liner guide way.
c). precision rack and pinion transmission
※.The transmission is by rack and pinion made by famous Taiwan manufacturer. The precision is less than 0.02mm Tooth face is heat treated with features of high efficiency transmission, Bearing high torque, low noise.
d).Taiwan syntec 60Cb with wireless handwheel
※..New three-axis linkage motion mode to achieve
comprehensive controlling
※.Support drive and spindle error alarm function
※Large storage space,fast reading speed
and reliable processing.
※.Support intelligent file checking function.
※.Parameter backup and restore function to prevent the
loss of important parameters.
※High anti-jamming intensity passes many CE tests.
e). Oil lubrication system
※. When the oil tank needs filling,top up with a good quality SAE 30 weight oil.
f)Vacuum Table
※The vacuum table is single layer vacuum table
with high qulity PVC
※Strong sealing
g)basic types of router bits
straight, up shear, down shear,combination (also called compression)and form tools (round over, ogee,etc.).
Each type of bit has aspecific application for use.
h)Touch-off puck
※save time of tool setting
i)Inovance servo motor with reducer
※High torque
※low vibration
※low heat
※high reliability
j)9KW air cooling spindle
※ER 32
※air cooling spindle
※Made in China
h)Tool changer ISO 30 –12 pcs
※linear type with too holder and tool chank
※fast changing speed ,under the gantry
※linear type with too holder and tool chank
※fast changing speed
Deails parts

cnc machine center

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