MCM1300-3 CNC Mortiser

The machine is mainly suitable for drilling holes on wood, various gutters, spline grooving, etc. It is a woodworking machine that retains the traditional furniture making process and can be mechanized efficiently.




Controller Taiwan Brand(HUST)
Max. Working length  1300mm
Max. Working depth  100mm
Distance between each spindle  192mm
Spindle speed  18000RPM
Spindle power  3.7KW*3
XYZ Movement SERVO motor  1.5KW*1 &1.0KW*2
Working pressure  0.6-0.8MPA
Total power 14.6KW
Overall size  2800*2200*2200mm
Weight  2000kg


1. Easy to operate, high precision, safe and reliable and easy to maintain;

2. High-speed spindle processing has high quality, double station design and high efficiency;

3. Wide processing range can process a variety of gutters, splines, hole through combinations, etc;

4. This machine adopts Taiwan CNC system which can be directly imported into the degree of processing with high precision.


CNC system

Taiwan HUST

Servo motor


Linear guide

Taiwan TBI ball screw

Electrical system components

German schneider