MOTO 530 Thicknesser

Spring-loaded pressure bars and double

out feed rollers design prevent vibration

of very thin work pieces during thicknessing.




Max. working width x height 530x300mm
Cutterblock diameter 120mm
Max. cutting depth 8mm
Feeding speed 5-20 MT/l’
Number of knives 4°-30x530x3 N°mm
Cutterblock rotation speed 4800g/l’
3-phase motor power cutterblock 7,5HP (5,5KW)
Work table dimensions 1050x532mm
Min. working length 280mm
Power of the motor for feeding 0,75HP (0,55KW)
Power of the motor for rise/fall 0,5HP (0,33KW)
Extractor port Dia. 170mm
Net/Gross weight 800/870kgs


1.Spiral infeedroller guarantees an efficient feed motion of the wood and a good quality.

2.4 sturdy columns support the thicknesser.

3.Stepless feeding of the wood: speeds of 5 to 22m/min.

4.Frequency conversion control feeding speed.

5.Every system (up and downfeeding and outputmain shaft) all have independent motor.

6. Both PLC automatic control and Manual control.

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Cast iron table

Cast iron table mounted on 4 heavy pillars for excllent support and accurent without any locking.

Variable speed infeed

Variable speed infeed by inverter suit for all types of finish required.

Electronic positioner

Electronic positioner help to reduce positioning time and high precision.