Unbelivable Universal combination machine PT300

PT300 woodworking combination machine combined 3 operations, planer/ thicknesser and mortiser, compact and strong


Easy operate 3 functions all in one universal combination woodworking machine
planer – thicknesser – mortiser

combination woodworking machine price


The PT300 all in one woodworking Combined Machine has been specifically designed be an industrial standard machine, but at a size intended for the factory and small professional workshop. This industrially rated machine features a planer, thicknesser and mottiser unit. The cast iron construction, accurate cross cut fence and superb build quality put this machine in a class of its own.

The planer thicknessing function, again is of the highest quality, extremely powerful, accurate and the end result is simply sublime. The inward swing of the thicknessing unit keeps this machine compact in every function,whilst the cast iron construction means even heavy pieces can be handled confidently.

Several further options are also available, each machine can therefore be tailored to the users specific needs.


Working table 300x1500mm
Cutter block diameter 70mm
Cutterblock rotation speed 5700r.p.m
Dimensions knives(3 knives) 300x20x3mm
Max table adjustement 4mm
Working table 300x660mm
Feeding speed 7m/l’
Working height 4-220mm
Working table 250x500mm

/Vertical stroke

Churck (M18*1.5-S) 0-16mm
Standard accessories
3-phase motor power 3,0HP-2,2KW
Weight 310kg

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Winmax series combination woodworking machine giving you clean cut via its well built quality, best choice for trouble-free and friendly operation.






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