CNC Tenoning Machine Mortise Machine T1

Strong processing capability, can process more than 10 kinds of process  effects.

 single tenoning CNC T1 Winmax 


CNC Tenon And Mortise Machine For Woodworking Door Automatic Mortiser

single tenoning machine single tenoning machine Winmax 

This model is high speed tenon machine, operation is very easy and humanity, machine is able to produce a wide variety of square tenon, rectangular tenon, oval tenon, round tenon, including other tenons with various shapes from programmable controller and editing programs.

Video for CNC Tenoning Machine
Max. Size of mortise
and tenon
Max. horizontal
tenoning width
Max. tenoning width  80mm
Max. round tenoning diameter  80mm
Spindle speed  8000r/min
Install power  5.5KW
Dimension  1700*1050*1800mm
 tenoning machines Winmax  The cnc tenoning and mortising machine adopts PLC automatic controlling system, easy to control.
 tenoning machine Winmax  At the same time processing the tow ends of the workpiece, significantly increase production capacity.
 double end tenoner Winmax  Adjustment handwheel though the adjustment of the hand wheel to adjust the 0-45 degree inclination of the work surface, realize the tenon-making inclination angle processing.
 double end tenoning machine Winmax  Conveyor belt variable speed motor adjust according to the processing needs.
Finished Products

cnc tenoning machines single tenoning machine 1 Winmax 

Additional information

CNC system

Taiwan HUST

Servo motor


Linear guide

Taiwan TBI ball screw

Electrical system components

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