Water Sanding Machine For Metal WS1300R-r

Industrial metal water sanding machine for sheet metal stamping, laser cutting and other industrial metals


Automatic Water Sanding machine for Metal WS1300R-r

Suitable for sheet metal stamping, laser cutting and other industrial metals

Model WS1300R-r
Working width 30-1300mm
Min. working thickness 0.5mm
Max. working thickness 60mm
Min. working length ≥310mm
Feeding speed 0.5-5m/min
Total motor 58.75kw
1st Sander Eccentric roller
2nd Sander Polishing roller
Suction port Dia. φ150mm
Working voltage 380V 50HZ
Air pressure 0.6Mpa


  • The contact roller is brushed on the surface of the workpiece, and the oxidation layer is removed;
  • The speed of contact roller line is: 3-16m/s variable frequency speed adjustment;
  • The polishing wheel can make the workpiece surface achieve HL effect;
  • Polating rollers can be lifted independently and swing to make the workpiece achieve different effects;
  • Polish roller line speed: 3-12.5m/s, frequency conversion speed regulation;
  • Use heat resistance, corrosion resistance thickened conveyor belt, high elasticity, high strength;
  • The conveyor band correction device, the edge of the conveyor belt, the cylinder execution to prevent the conveyor belt from running off;
  • The conveyor belt frequency frequency speed regulation is 0.5-5m/min; Use 304 stainless steel water circulation system;
  • Double -seal structure, not easy to rust, longer service life, more stable performance;
  • Precipitation three -level separation filter tank;
  • Use positive pressure blowing function to make the equipment stability stronger.

It is used to remove the longitudinal burrs of laser cutting, stamping and water knife

cutting workpiece.

The device can complete the large bargain and the surface drawing at one time.

It is used for large flat sand light treatment to remove the scratch to make the surface

consistent and can strongly remove the oxidation layer on the surface of the workpiece.

Processing Details

Delivery and Package
winmax edge banding machine packing winmax edge bander machiners packing Winmax 

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After sales services

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