24″ Vertical Band Saw for Wood Cutting

Today we’re going to talk about this Winmax 24″ 7-1/2 horsepower band saw.

But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about Winmax itself.

About Winmax

As you know, Winmax has been around since 2001. It is a 21 year-old company that is known for so many customers from all over the world.

The Product Quality from Winmax

So that level of quality is upheld into all of our product line, whether it’s woodworking machines or metal working machines,mantle lace, thet for the military or for industry, even a hobbyist. All of our machines have this uncompromising quality.

Winmax 24″ Bandsaw Basic Specifications

So let’s talk about this 24″vertical band saws, which is more than just a pretty brass plate. This thing is massiv, and 850 pounds.

The table size is 33-1/2″ by 24″ almost, 23-5/8″. The throat on this is 24-3/8″.

24"Vertical Bandsaw
24″ Vertical Band Saw

So if you have a 4×4 or a sheet of plywood that you want to cut in half, you can actually do that. But this is more than a plywood band saw. This is for resawing.

Band saws

The resaw height on this is 16″, so you can take massive logs, if you will, and run them through here. There is this cast iron fence that comes with it, precision-ground. The table’s all precision-ground, comes with a miter gauge.

band saw for sale

It comes with powder coated paint, so you’re not going to have scratching on it like a normal paint job would have. And it will last many years. Wheels are precision-cast-iron wheels. They have been cast in the special DISA die, which is very precise. And as you can see, it’s a very clean looking wheel and there isn’t much balancing required after they have been cast.

They’re so precise. So I mentioned that this thing has 16″ of resaw.

The blade capacity of this band saw is from 1/4″ all the way up to 1-1/2″ and everything in-between. It takes a 181″ blade, but it’ll take basically anything between 180″ and 181-1/2″ blade. The blade guides are double roller bearing guides, both top and bottom, so that gives you total control and good adjusting abilities.

Two 4” Dust Ports

It’s got double dust collection, one on the side and one on the back. One of the features on this is it’s got micro-switches in here so that when you open these doors, the micro-switches will not allow the saw to start up.

  • This machine is so large and so powerful that with the cast-iron wheels the way they are, the machine will take a long time to slow down. The blade will continue. As a safety feature, you’ve got to stop the blade with the brake.

Foot Brake Automatically Cuts Power to Saw

And with the limit switch, it cuts the power to the saw,and the brake is not fighting the power to stop.

Blade-tracking Window for Ease of Setup

So one of the other great features about this band saw is this clear blade tracking window where you can see what’s happening to the tracking of the blade, either when you’re setting up or why you’re using the machine. So if there’s any issues you can see what’s happening right here. So before we go to the back, I want to cover a couple of features that are up front.

Saw Tension Guide

One of the interesting features on this, it has a saw tension guide here that tells you, you know, where the tension of the blade needs to be.

2″ Thick Precision-ground Cast-iron Table

This large table, cast iron table, has been precision-ground after it was seasoned. It is very thick, has a lot of webbing underneath, so there is hardly any flex in it at all. Now there is another great feature about this saw that’s very unique to us only, and I’m going to go over to the back of the bandsaw to show you what that is.

Back of the Band saws

Rack and Pinion Table Leveling Feature

So one of the most interesting things about this bandsaw is this rack and pinion table leveling feature. It serves two purposes.

Easy-to-adjust Tilt Angle of Heavy Cast-iron Table

One, it’s easy for you to tilt the table.This is a pretty heavy table and you know, on on other band saws, you don’t have this feature where you have this rack and pinion, and so you got a balance this while you’re trying to lock it in place after you get the right adjustment.

On this one, you have this rack and pinion that is attached up here, so you loosen this guy right here.It’s pretty tight. And what it does, it allows you to tilt the table and get it exactly where you want it.

Supports Heavy Loads More Securely

On the table of this size, when you’ve got a big, heavy log, for example, that you’re cutting, you don’t want any flex at all. So this rack and pinion attachment here actually serves as another like a leg for the table, so there is no flex at all. I mean, I love this feature. All my band saws have this feature .It’s one of the best features of this saw.

Table Tilts 5° Left/45° Right with adjustable 0°Pin Stop

So the adjustment on this table is 5°degrees to that side,and 45° so you can bring it up a full 45°.

Obviously, it can’t go more because the table is going to hit the top. It’s such a big table. A lot of bandsaws will have the table only come up to here so they can tilt a little more.But 45° is pretty adequate.

Bolt Pin Stop for Setting 0° Table Tilt

Another good feature about this is that it’s got a pin stop here, adjustable bolt.

I’ve gone ahead and adjusted it to exactly where you want it. And if you look at this, this is going to be dead on and all I got to do is bring it down to that bolt, tighten it in place. So every time when you’re when you got the table tilted, you don’t have to reset it. You just bring it down to the bolt and just lock it in place and it’s ready to go. It’s perfectly square.

71/2 Horsepower Three-phase Motor

So the motor is a big 7-1/2 horsepower, three phase motor.It’s pre-wired to 220V, but can be converted to 440V.

Magnetic Starter Switch for Enhanced Safety

Another good feature is this magnetic starter switch so that when you turn off the bandsaw and you’re working on something and the power comes back on for whatever reason, the saw is not going to start up until you press that button.

Qucik-change Blade Release/Tensioner

Let’s talk about the top part of the saw here. It’s as you can see, it’s very simple, clean. This is a lock for the rack and pinion for up and down.

This here is a quick-change lever for changing the blade so you can loosen the blade, put on your new blade and tighten it.

Blade Tracking Control with Lock Level

This guy here is for the blade wheel adjustment so that you can track it perfectly so that it’s working with the guides. It’s not too far in, the teeth and not too far in. So it’s very clean back here.

Heavy-duty Pre-formed Steel Frame

The saw itself is made of very, very thick steel frame, and that steel frame is double bent here.

For extra rigidity, so it goes in on both sides. It’s welded together. This frame will not flex at all. So whenever you tighten this big, heavy duty bandsaw blade on this, this frame is not going to flex. This is a heavy duty saw.

Optional Resaw Fence

Optional Resaw Fence Adjusts to Cut Tall adn Short Workpieces.

What we have here is an optional resaw fence that can be used vertically or horizontally, and I’ll show you how it how that works. This is for tall pieces that you’re going to cut.

It gives you an extra level of support here. If you’re cutting a very small, thin piece, sometimes a fence is too big and you can’t get your hand in there. And so you turn this sideways and position it so that you now have a mini fence for the small pieces that you’re going to cut.

And you’ve got your hand here, out of the way, you’ve got your push stick. Everything is safe and you’ve got all the room to work.

So as you can see, this machine is made in the typical Winmax fashion. It’s a high quality industrial use machine made for everyday use for total dependability.


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