4×8 CNC Router Auto Tool Change-ATC

Today we’re going to be introducing the new 2022 maverick 4×8 CNC Router system.

As you can see, we’re in our manufacturing facility, where we design and manufacture not only the maverick but the renegade CNC router systems.

Right here in China, we’re going to be covering a few features and you’ll be able to find more details on those features in separate post ‘Does CNC Router Machine Size Matter? ‘on our website.

New Exciting Feature of New CNC Machine

To kick things off we’re going to go over the new exciting features that are included with this new machine.

The first on the list is auto tool change.

Auto Tool Change

Naturally that means we’re going to go over how we can pick up and put away the tools automatically.

We’ve also incorporated an auto dust extraction that opens and closes during the auto tool change procedure. This machine now includes a six horsepower spindle that can go up to a 24 000 rpm spindle speed.

Now, if you combine all three of those features, that’s going to greatly increase your productivity. Not to mention it’s pretty awesome, to be able to start a program, walk away to perform other tasks and come back to see a finished part.

Now you’ll be able to find more product details about this auto tool change feature.

CNC Controller

Our next exciting feature is our brand new CNC controller. Now, we’ve designed this specifically for our Winmax platforms.

To simplify the setup procedures and reduce the risk for any operator errors. This also increases your quality of cut and reduces your cut time.

All this together, obviously improves your productivity.

So keep an eye out for a video that will go into details on this brand new CNC controller.

Redesigned the Entire Machine

In addition to the awesome new features like the controller and the auto tool change, we’ve also completely redesigned the entire machine .

Working Area

Starting off we’ve increased your work area, but also kept the entire footprint of the machine compact.

Increased the Spindle Horsepower

Even though we’ve increased the horsepower of the spindle, the machine still runs off of a 220 single phase power source, which is perfect for small shop environments.

New Frame Design

The new frame design is extremely rigid, and the new drive system is extremely precise. By combining both it provides you with the best cut quality that it also reduces your maintenance.

Fully Integrated Vacuum System

We’ve also added a fully integrated vacuum system, that simplifies the setup and fixturing to process sheet goods.

Obviously, all of Winmax’s standard features that set us apart are included with this system.

The 3 workstations they involve, the 3 axis horizontal table to work on the face of your components even for sheet good and part processing. The 3 plus 2 axis vertical table to work on the ends or edges of your component to produce joinery.

Winmax’s exclusive 3 plus 2 axis turning center to index turn and even carve your spindles .

Now Winmax will also provide our exclusive conversational cam turning software specifically for this workstation.

Let’s not forget the smart tool measuring technology and Winmax’s unmatched training and support. Now remember you can visit our website to watch detailed about these exciting new features.

You can also find machine information and even product specs, just visit the website here.

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