5 Tools You Need to Start Woodworking

If you’re just getting into woodworking you may be watching and reading online.

woodworking machinery

You are thinking do I need a massive shop of tools just to start building stuff.

The answer to that is no.

But let me tell you what you do need.

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You only need five tools to get started in woodworking and they’re all pretty affordable.

They’re also easy to store.

So if you’ve been thinking you can’t get into woodworking because of tools or space.

Keep reading,below is the details introduction of each tools.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is a vital tool for the beginner budget shop.

It can make cross cuts and rip cuts.

And it’s the best tool for breaking down large sheets of plywood.

You can build easy jigs to make the circular saw even more versatile.

Miter Saw

The miter saw really only does one thing, but it does safe, fast and accurate.

The miter saw is all cross cuts which means it cuts across the grain.

You use it to cut wood to a certain length.

The miter saw can also make miter cuts which is a type of cross cut on the end of a piece of wood that’s less than 90 degrees.

Generally two pieces are cut to a 45 degree miter and then they’re  joined together to form a 90 degree angle.

The miter saw is the largest tool on this list.

But it still has a small footprint it can be set on the floor against a wall in your garage if that’s the only space you have.

But you’ll enjoy using it a lot more if it’s on a table or a stand.


The drill is a must have staple for a woodworker.

It drills holes and drives screws and you’ll do a lot of it.

There are choices when it comes to drills.


The jigsaw is also very sensitive to the way it’s set up it needs to be set up correctly.

And have the right blade to work.

Random Orbit Sander

You can go several directions when it comes to sanders but just get a random orbit sander.

It moves in an irregular motion that keeps it from gouging or tearing the wood.

And random orbit sanders are very affordable and easy to store.

Those are the only five tools you need to start building great projects

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