How to Choose sanding machins?

Sanding machine are generally divided into five different types.

Such as normal, heavy duty, elevated, double-sided and primer according to some of their basic characteristics for the sanding machines.  

When you choose the sander suitable for your industry, you should choose according to the different functions of each type.  

For example, the normal sanding machine, its power is the smallest, and the body is relatively light and compact.

But it is precisely because of this reason, its cutting force is relatively small, so it is easy to cause damage to the product in the process of sanding. 

 The heavy duty sanding machine, although the power is relatively large, but the body is relatively thick and huge.

Thereforce has the characteristics of cutting force, strong and durable.

Of course, the price is higher than the ordinary sanding machine, and more suitable for the production and use of scale.  

So if you want to choose a suitable sander for your industry.

First of all you have to make understanding of the characteristics of these different kinds of sander, so that you can choose according to your own needs!

wood sanding machine

You can choose the most suitable sander for yourself!

Below is the type of woodworking sanding machine for refs:

Including Belt sander, drum sander, brush sanding machine, wide-belt sanding machine, heavy duty sander, spindle sander, Lacquer sander, planer sander, heavy wire drawing machine, Segmented pad sander, side sanding machine, curved surface vibration sander, sponge wheel sand, disc sanding machine, sliding table sanding machine, etc.

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