How to replace saw blade of woodworking band saw?

In the use of woodworking band saw machine, if the saw blade of the woodworking band saw machine often runs off, or falls off or breaks.

Then it is necessary to replace the saw blade, but how to change the saw blade of the woodworking bandsaw machine?  

1. When replacing the saw blade, open the upper and lower guard doors first.

The loosen the sliding plate fixing screws, turn the lifting hand wheel, make the upper saw wheel fall.

When the saw blade becomes loose, then take out the saw blade.  

2. Cover the new saw blade or the polished saw blade on the upper and lower saw wheel.

Pay attention to the acute Angle of the saw blade downward, do not turn over.

And then turn the lifting hand wheel to make the upper saw wheel rise, tensioning the saw blade.  

3. Rotate the upper saw wheel by hand to see whether the saw blade is all exposed on the outer side of the saw wheel rim.

If not, the upper saw wheel should be adjusted until the saw blade is exposed on the edge of the upper and lower saw wheel and moves smoothly, which is perpendicular to the working table.  

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