How to use a woodworking lathe?

The mainly working methods of woodworking lathe are round shaft turning and disk turning.

wood lathe machine

It using flat turning tool, bevel turning tool, diamond turning tool, semicircle turning tool, separated turning tool and so on for wood processing.

So how to use woodworking lathes? 
1. Choose wood, square angle wood is better choice.

Wood cracks and loose joints can not be used, the metal and sand attached to wood should be remove.  

2. Set the center on the wood, saw the cross groove, and put the front end of the movable center into the groove.


3. Insert the movable top center into the main axis hole of the front seat of the lathe, and move the tail seat to the appropriate position, fixed on the bed.

Then rotate the tail seat hand wheel, to fix top center on the tail seat and make sure is tightly pushed into the center hole of the wood.  

4.Rotate the wood by hand several times, then reverse the tail stock hand wheel one round, pull out of the fixed centerpiece slightly.

Then add lubricating oil into the center hole of the wood, rotate the hand wheel clockwise to make the centerpiece re-enter the center hole.  

5. Move the tool holder to the suitable position, and fix it on the bed.
woodworking engraving machine

Adjust the height of the tool holder, to make distance between the tool holder surface and the outer edge of the wood is about 3mm.  

6.Try turning the wood by hand to observe whether the position of the tool is suitable or not.

To check whether the wood can rotate smoothly.

If any abnormality is found, adjust it immediately.  

7. Start the machine at a low speed, observe the operation is really stable before feeding.  

8. First, use the semicircular turning tool for rough turning. One hand holding the turning tool to stabilize the turning tool position, and Guide the direction.

The other hand holding the lathe handle, control the amount of cutting, turning from the middle of the wood to both ends, until the wood complete circle.

 Turned at a higher speed after the wood is made into a circular shaft.

9. Stop the machine, adjust the position of the turning tool again, and draw the position to be further turned on the wood with a pen.  

10. To chose the suitable turning tool to do forming turning according to the need. 

The general turning concave arc with round turning tool or semicircle turning tool, turning groove should be separated by turning tool or flat turning tool, turning V-shaped groove and convex arc with diamond turning tool or bevel knife, car cutting straight line with flat turning tool and bevel turning tool.  

11. After turning and forming, remove the tool holder and sand it smooth.

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