Introduction for Full Auto Finger Joint Line

About WINMAX Full Auto Finger Joint Line

finger jointer line

Today we’re going to talk about this Winmax Auto finger joint line.

Processing Efficiency

Finger joint shaper line using servo drive, the processing efficiency is 150% higher than normal hydraulic transmission drive.

Information details

  • Finger joint assembler use 6.2m double- unit type.
  • First cut-off then Press.
  • Oil system motor power reach 4KW.
  • Oil cylinder size is Dia.80mm*stroke 130mm. which have stronger press power processing.
  • Rubber wooden 80mm width *80mm thickness.(96kgs/cm2).

Working Details

  • Finger Joint shaper line with high efficiency, usually need 1pcs finger joint assemblers follow to work.
  • Max processing 40m/min. Pre-day work 8 hours can processing 300Pcs finger joint boards (Material size: 500*50*14mm)

Let’s see more details Standard configuration description for this full auto finger joint line.

Finger joint shaper Line feature

1.Spindle use the SKF bearing which from Switzerland,

Cutter install point will use the Dia. 70mm.

2.Linear slide – Using ROUST Precision Linear slide Which is Germany technical, Precision in 0.02mm.

Middle pre-press Linear slide design.

In that can improve its Stability & Durability.

-Liear slide with unique dust-proof design, extended life.

3.Feeding belt use the worm gear reducer transmission.Small volume can Resist big Torsion .

Transmission high Efficient, with high range reduce speed. 

4.Electric control Part -DETAL PLC with high operation speed.

Normal Instruction only cost 0.22US , mory storage 26K.

Servo/Servo motor: Detal With high transmission and speed

5.Teeth protect system: can avoid damage the last wood stick was processed finger joint cutter processing.

6.Glue Application  system: use the profile teeth dip in type. make sure the glue can full of the wood.

(Normal standard is 12*4mm,Special can make fit for Customer request) 

7.Oil-water separator: make sure the air compressor dry. 

8.Pressure sensor: make sure machine Work under safe condition.

Avoid lack of pressure ,the wood can’t press well throw out.

Finger Jiont assembler feature

1.Feeding system   

The upper and lower feeding wheels are driven by an independent 1.5KW decelerating motor.  

The cross beam is equipped with synchronization rod to ensure the synchronization of the whole upper pressure beam and prevent the cylinder damage caused by the extrusion of the upper pressure beam.

2.Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic system use Clogging pump hydraulic valve .

Use air-cooled to cool the oil Temperature. avoid hydraulic system long time working.

3.Electrical control

 Programmable controller: DETAL PLC S7-200. process velocity is fast. Normal Instruction only cost 0.22US , mory storage 26K.

4.- Photoelectric sensor: use Panasonic sensor from Japan.

Control panel: DETAL HIM Control display. easy Operate. PLC Monitor, Auto Error alert.

All Thermal relay, AC contactor are use TaiWan Shihlin. Power Switch use Schneider. Switch button use SIMENS.

5.Inside boards use the Linear guide rail,make sure the board linear.

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