Introduction of CNC Mortiser Tenoner Machine

Welcome to WINMAX Woodworking Machinery Company’s program and we will share with you another kind of cnc mortiser tenoner machine.

Before we shared many kinds of 3-axis, 5-axis, 10-axis male and female tenon machines.

But this one is more different.

The tenon we made here is a female tenon and a male tenon.

A chair leg always needs these two.

We always need these two tenons, which are the two main tenons of furniture.

On 1 machine, many tenons can now be made.

Especially this kind of tenoning machine, we can make 12 different tenons.

But these tenons are rarely used.

Only this kind of tenon is used more often.

For example, we drill holes, make ovals, grooves, curved ovals, etc…

Introduction of MCM 3100-5 PLUS cnc mortiser

This woodworking cnc mortising machine can be used for mortising with a sizing plate, and it can still be operated on the desktop.

The model of this cnc mortising machine is MCM 3100-5 PLUS made by WINMAX.

mortising machine

WINMAX is Taiwan brand and have factories in China.

Configuration for cnc mortiser

This is a pneumatic alignment system. They are powered by air.

We have 5 air pressure valves in total, and each air pressure valve corresponds to 1 piece of wood.

This is the cylinder system. When we’re done, we’ll compress the cylinder.

There are 8 workpiece holders in total. 4 on the left of the workbench and 4 on the right.

After the machining operation is completed, press the switch part of the cylinder, and the cylinder will lift the wood.

Normally there is no this function for other machines, but this machine has this setting.

This is the electrical system which includes 3 Delta brand servo motors.

Like other CNC machines, we also have X Y Z axis with Delta brand servo motor.

The Delta brand is a big brand in the electronics market.

There are 10 inverters.

There are two types of frequency converters, which is high-power inverter and low-power inverter.

The large inverters are 3.7kw, or 5HP.

The small inverters are 2.2kw, or 3HP.

Each inverter has a different function.

Why does it use 2 types of inverters?

Working details for cnc mortising machine

Let’s find out! This is 5 axis 2.2kw.

There are 5 more shafts at the back of 3.7kw.

One is our special tenon, and the other we use for drilling.

We can make settings on this controller.

Most of the machines made in China usually use circular guides.

But this machine uses cnc cube guides which are really accurate.

The product that comes out is very good.

If the brightness is not enough, it will light up.

When the material is long, we put bed bars or other long bars, we will use the monolithic part.

They are great for long pieces. For shorter pieces of wood, it is not necessary to use these sections.

That’s why we can use long pieces or short pieces on this machine.

These come out with speed and precision.

For producing multi-table chairs, we use this one very efficiently.

That’s a quick look at this machine.

CNC male tenoning machine

DET PLUS double end tenoner

Now, we have another machine which is DET PLUS double end tenoner.

This double end tenoner is a CNC male tenoning machine.

This machine is very different from the others and have special feature.

Usually we only have double-ended male tenons without drilling holes.

It have an automatic feeding system and can make the oval tenons.

But to be more specific, there is also a drill head and spindle router on the front.

These products meet the requirements for exporting to the United States and Australia.

It might be helpful to use this machine and it use high precision CNC rail.

This double end tenoning can output high quality products.

In a furniture production line, the stage is important.

To choose the right equipment which will more helpful for you.

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