Machining With CNC Router

This machine is the CNC router. It’s a computer-controlled cutter that allows you to cut complex shapes into wood,

plastic or even metal.

What we’re going to do today is to cut the coasters . We are going to cut the mouth on this machine. A CNC router uses, cutting tools like this is called an end mill. It can also use router bit, which you might be familiar with working.

Either one will cut through this mdf or other pieces of wood and we’re going to show you how we set it up on this machine. We’Ve already pre-programmed the coasters that we did the other day into the machine.We use what’s called g-code control the Machine.We’re going to show you how to program machine and g-code.

G-code is a software language that makes this machine understand where it needs to cut the pants that we designed solidworks. It’s very simple language, think of it as edge of stitch width, x, y and v locations that the Machine goes to and simply cut the path. So what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to screw down the piece of was using four holes that we three drills with the software.

Let’s just start the start button. That’s one of our racetrack that actually happens to be monitor. You can see cutting out the kiss of the monaco at one way.Now we just have a waiting period while the finishing touch all the track self. Let’s take a look at the screen and we can watch all the different commands is doing its going through quite quickly as you can see. The nice thing about this machine is relieved self-contained, so the dust doesn’t get into the room and it’s pretty easy to clean off.

You may want to think about an enclosure for your machine. Is he decided to build one? It’s a really good idea because you can keep it in the house and then it really won’t cause any problems with it. And I believe this is our last track. What it should do next, we’ll go around and cut out the actual coasters how to track for done. What we’ve done it was designed had into East Coasters so that they are held in place Wallace cutting. If it’s just pop off the problem is, it would get caught in the quartering with ruin the coaster.

So the way this works is there’s a linear. Bearing can see the bar on the side that gives it a real, stable platform.We have servomotors attacked the lead through lead. Screws are just high-precision long, volts, basically. They’re just along through you can see of rotating and attached to that leads through the servo motors. The servomotor is taking the information from RG toes and moving it to the positions that are listed in the cheetos.

The real innovation here is: this machine is fully automatic.In the old days, they actually had a crank that a person would turn and they have to do it manually.

But that doesn’t allow some really precise movement.Complex shapes like this.CNC is really revolutionized. The way we make things. We’ve seen basically runs itself, and all we have to do is sit here watching. You can see we’re building up quite a bit as just now.On the next step, I’m going to install the vacuum and we’re going to clean it off. Now this machine wash themself contained in clothes like this one, you would have to put a vacuum on it or just told us will be all over the room. That’s a nice thing about an enclosure. You can run it without having to vacuum it up.All the time it makes it a lot quieter to the vacuum is quite loud.

It was the first try and I don’t think it came out to bed. We have one last chance to do.We’re going to cut out around the edge this time we’ve attached the vacuum so that all the justices collected, you won’t be able to see the cutter, but you already know how it works.So know where this design is really simple and if not a product that you would probably so, but we wanted to start out by showing you how easy it is to get started making things. In future episodes we’re going to build really complex things like burnisher. Some cameras dollars that we here for our shooting and some other things we even if you have an idea of something you may want us to make you let us know in the comments section and we might design it and build it. So you can watch it being done for think of things that you can design.


These are basically shoe the objects that should be made into 3d. You can cut the parts here and then put them together. They can be snapped together now, all together through together or even lose together. If you design it right the way it’s cut out here on the wood, but think about the different things that you can do, that you can make it home, but maybe to be sold online Confucius. So you can see that it’s not a lot cleaner with dust collector on.