NEW! Winmax 10″ Band Saw Machine

I love band saw machine.

Infor of Band Saw Machine

In the woodworking that I do most, which is wooden sculptures and custom furniture, the band saw machine takes a lead role in processing my material so it’s in workable form.

What a bandsaw does?

Whether you’re creating a sculpture, or making long sweeping radius cuts, or resizing,or even crafting traditional joinery, bandsaws are a pretty straightforward machine to operate and  they’ll open up a whole new world of woodworking possibilities that are unique to a band saw.

A lot of folks out there will begin their journey  to a bandsaw by first using something like a jigsaw to cut out complex shapes.

The result is usually pretty rough, and they’re fairly hard to control  with any degree of precision–at least that you’d hope for.With the bandsaw you get a smoother cut and the finish is much better.

What Makes a Great Band saw?

Let’s take a look at what makes a great all-around bandsaw using this  Winmax 10-inch, half-horsepower, model BS400.

So, what are the basics of a bandsaw like this?

It’s actually pretty simple. The blade is a continuous band that is driven around two large wheels,  which are inside the main body of the saw. The blade runs through the cutting area with the teeth pointed downward,  and through the workpiece in one direction.

Unlike something like a scroll saw or a jigsaw, which saw up and down, this  blade is kept in proper position by adjustable guides which are above and below the work table.

The momentum of the wheels, the blade guides, and the downward facing teeth of the blade all help  it cut cleanly accurately and squarely through the work piece,  and make complex shapes easier to cut out.


The downward action of the blade also makes the band saw a relatively  safe machine to operate because there’s very little opportunity for any kickback.

This bandsaw, like other high-quality models, features two  blade speed settings which let you dial in for the best cut for your workpiece.

It does take practice to understand which speed works under which circumstance, so  you can also use this fancy chart to help get you started in the right direction.

Saw Capacity

Another great feature of a bandsaw, compared to something like a jigsaw,  is that you typically enjoy a much larger cutting capacity. This saw will handle material up to 6-1/8 inch tall and up to 9-3/4 inch wide inside the blade.

Rip Fence

This is known as the “throat width” and it gives you a ton of flexibility for  larger, curved work pieces. For straight cuts you also have this aluminum rip fence.

Work Table and Trunnion Support

Since a band saw allows for a much higher-degree of precision support for the workpiece is  really important, and this work table and trunnion beneath, they do the heavy lifting.

The trunnion also unlocks and adjusts up to 45 degrees for bevel cuts.

Back Side of Band Saw

Dust Collection

On the back side is a dust port, and this one you can hook up either a two-inch,  three-inch, or four-inch dust line, so you can run the machine with just about  any dust collection system you wish, from a standard shop vac to a full-size dust collector.

Mid-size Bandsaw Advantage -Mobile Base

A bandsaw like this is also lightweight, compact and it fits perfectly into a mobile base. So if space is a premium in your garage,  simply wheel it out when you need it, and store it when you don’t.

Recap of Mid-size Bandsaws

So that’s a quick look at the midsize BS400 bandsaw and some of the cool benefits a saw  like this can offer to help you just get started on those new projects.