Mini auto edge banding machine EB280

Adopt to the linear sealing of PVC,

wood plank and veneer etc.



Winmax 2022  mini full-automatic Wood Edge Banding Machine EB280

edge banding machine

The  automatic Wood Edge Banding Machine  EB 280is suitable for such plates: MDF, block board, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door plates, plywood etc,straight line edging and trimming. Function: gluing,end trimming,  fine rimming,  scraping, buffing and so on. Edging smoothly and edging line is straight. This edgebanding machine is stable, reliable and durable, with favorable price. It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.


Winmax automatic edge banding machine EB280

MODEL EB280 bander machine
Total Power 6KW
Panel Thickness 10-40mm
Edge Tape Thickness 0.4-2mm
Panel Width ≥80mm
Working Pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Gluing Motor 0.75KW
End Trimming Motor 0.37KW*2 , 12000RPM
Fine Trimming Motor 0.75KW*2 , 12000RPM
Buffing Motor 0.35KW*2
Conveyor Motor 1.5KW
Feeding Speed ≈12m/min
Overall Size 2600*600*1400mm
Weight 750KGS

Video for mini auto edge bander EB280

1. This edge bander is ideal for building an automatic production line. Stability and controlled ability are the most important factors for an equipment to be part of production line.

2. Pre-milling equipment with double trim-blades works on the waved effect that is caused by precise saw.

3. The glue mechanism adopts a special structure to gelatinize the plates and coating materials uniformly, ensure a more solid conglutination.

4. End-trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cutting surface smoothly.

5. Rough &Fine Trimming unit, with two individual high frequency motors, trim the exceeding edge on the top and bottom side of the panel, ensure the top and bottom side of the edge smooth and even.

6. Scraping unit for a perfect finishing of the applied edge.

7. The buffing device adopt the board processed by cotton polishing wheel, by end-polishing to make a more smooth surface.

8. Grooving is a optional function for edgebanding machines. It’s used to slot out one groove on panel to install glass, back paneletc.


1.Adopt domestic famous motor and high quality electrical components.

2.The fuselage is firm and steady,thus increasing the stability of the whole machine.

3.Aluminum alloy beam is a relatively advanced method, its precision and straightness are far superior to cast iron.

4.Auto cleaning, high precision, high efficiency.

5.The machine can be customized.

6.Automatic and precise gluing procedure as well integrated double finishing side within one workflow .The end cutting can be done at the rear side of the machine.

7.Multiple Air cylinder will assembled on the machine, mainly used for positioned location assured the panel materials processing accuracy in a very high level.

8.Secondary Dust Exhaust System, mainly used for sawdust collection during processing period, to keep the material smooth and clean.

9.The machine adopts the devices of sound insulation, controlling of dust, platform frame Micro adjustment by manual operation.


winmax edge banding machine packing

Delivery and Package:

.We will take care of your machinery packages well like picture show.

·Our workers will make sure your machine clean before package.

·We will add stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for delicate protection.

·We will make export standard strong Wooden box case package as your request.

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