Automatic Edge banding machine manufactory EB360

Adopt to the linear sealing of PVC, wood plank and veneer etc.



Automatic Edge banding machine manufactory EB360 for woodworking

trimmer machine

MODEL edgebanding machines EB360
Motor power 9.2kW
Overall size 4150x1100x1600mm
Feed speed 12-20m/min
Panel thickness 10-60mm
Edge banding tape
Panel width >40 mm
Working pressure 0.8MPa
Weight 1900Kg
Video for wood working edge bander machinery 


Adopt to the linear sealing of PVC, wood plank and veneer etc.

Using imported quality engines and electric components.

Serialized products,a wide range of selection by customers.

High precision and efficiency

 EB360 buffing Winmax  EB360 buffing Winmax  The buffing device adopt the board processed by cotton polishing wheel, by end polishing to make a more smooth surface.
 EB360 scraping Winmax  EB360 scraping Winmax  Scraping unit for a perfect finishing of the applied edge.
 EB360J fine trimming Winmax  EB360J fine trimming Winmax  Rough/Fine trimming mechanism used for repairing the excess edge materials, adopt automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the trimming plates smoothly.
 EB360 end trimming Winmax  EB360 end trimming Winmax  End-trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cutting surface smoothly.
 EB360 glue mechanism Winmax  EB360 glue mechanism Winmax  The glue mechanism adopt a special structure to gelatinize the plates and coating materials uniformly, ensure a more solid conglutination.


1. Almost tewenty years of producing experience on corner rounding edgebanding machines manufactory;

2. CE certificate is available which is issued by Germany TUV;

3. The efficient, highly flexible machine series for edge banding.

4. Ideal for all kinds of edging material: Solid wood, melamine, PVC and veneered edges, fixed length and coil material, for banding with hot-melt.

5. Color and cover can be customerized as per your requests. OEM is available for us.

6. Here is the original maker for edgebanding machines .

7. Woodworking machine supplier will provide you a better quality of workpiece at the lowest possible cost.


Full automatic edge banding tape machine is used to edge banding pvc or wood veneer onto board sides, like MDF boards. Us woodworking machine manufactures to make the furniture more beautiful and envirenment friendly.

Delivery & Packing

winmax edge banding machine packing winmax edge bander machiners packing Winmax 

.We will take care of your edgebander machinery packages well like picture show.

·Our workers will make sure your machine clean before package.

·We will add stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for delicate protection.

·We will make export standard strong Wooden box case package as your request.

More about furniture making woodworking machine automatic edgebanding machine/edgebander machine price,Feel free to contact us.

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