Automatic CNC Mortising machines MCM3100-4 Plus

Powerful processing, can process a variety of process effects.

 MCM3100-5 Plus Winmax 



High frequency CNC mortiser machine and Tenon slot machine

CNC mortising machines CNC mortising machine Winmax 

Suitable for processing various shapes, different specifications of mortise groove ( hole) of the work piece, practical, especially for a variety of mortise groove, mortise groove spacing is small, groove groove combination, the same length and depth of mortise groove is different and complex special-shaped work piece processing has significant advantages.

MODEL MCM3100-4 Plus
Max. X stroke 3100mm
Max. Y stroke 260mm
Max. Z stroke 300mm
Max. Workpiece width 170mm
X axis power 2.0KW (SERVO)
Y axis power 1.0KW (SERVO)
Z axis power 1.5KW (SERVO)
Spindle speed 18000RPM
Spindle power 3.7KW*4PCS
Spindle distance 250mm
Machine speed 40m/min
Working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power 28.3KW
Overall size 4700*2100*2200mm
Weight 2500kg


1.This product adopts four-axis multi-station, high-speed continuous milling, and one set of working parts can be processed with another set of disassembly and high production efficiency.

2.Adopt Taiwan million figure of CNC system, convenient adjustment, reliable control, convenient and easy to learn, use of tool rod on a knife, without programming, to point the automatic generation of processing procedure, production simply press the confirm button automatic processing.

3.High precision, numerical control input and output, ensure that each workpiece is exactly the same.

4.This equipment is suitable for machining various kinds of workpieces with different sizes and shapes, and has a strong practicability, especially for the curved holes, elliptical holes and special-shaped holes. More machining complex planar, the same workpiece mortise length and depth different and complicated heteromorphic work piece are processed at one time.

Winmax CNC mortising machine for sale
 MCM3100-5 Plus Hust controller Winmax  Taiwanese Hust
CNC controller
 MCM3100-5 Plus 1 Winmax  ptional (curved workpiece press device)
 MCM3100-4 Winmax  4 spindles*2 for machining different sizes of cutter.
No need to change tools,faster and more accurate.
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cnc mortising and tenoning machine for chair cnc mortising machine 4 Winmax 

cnc mortiser cnc mortiser Winmax  cnc mortising machine 7 Winmax  cnc mortising machine 5 Winmax 

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