How many types of woodworking machinery?

Can you list woodworing machinery?

Wood is one of the earliest raw materials discovered by human beings who have accumulated rich experience in wood processing in the long term.

With the development of modern science and technology, the emergence of woodworking machinery and equipment makes wood working production more convenient and large-scale, to introduce the below:

  • Sawing woodworking machinery equipment

Including Circular saw/windmill saw, band saw, single rip saw, multi blade saw, double end saw, sliding table saw / panel saw, etc.

  • Rotary cutting woodworking machines

Including rotary cutting machine, card-less rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc.

Winmax wood lathe
  • Wood lathe

With ordinary lathe, copying lathe, back-knife lathes, CNC lathes, etc.

  • Wood working planer

With Surface planer, bevel planer, automatic wood wood planer and etc.

double end tenoner
  • woodworking milling machine

Including Vertical spindle moulder, vertical milling machine, vertical overhead router, pneumatic router, double end milling machine, CNC tenoning machine, CNC mortising machine finger joint shaper, CNC router/cnc engraving machine, etc.

  • Woodworking sanding machine

Including Belt sander, drum sander, brush sanding machine, wide-belt sanding machine, heavy duty sander, spindle sander, Lacquer sander, planer sander, heavy wire drawing machine, Segmented pad sander, side sanding machine, curved surface vibration sander, sponge wheel sand, disc sanding machine, sliding table sanding machine, etc.

single row multi-boring machine
  • Wood working drilling machine 

There are vertical. bench drilling machine, horizontal bench drilling machine, vertical multi boring machine, horizontal row drilling machine, vertical multiple borer, single row drilling machine, multi row drilling machine, hinge drilling machine.

  • Pressure gluing wood working machinery

There are cold press, hot press, pneumatic assembly machine, electric assembly machine, hydraulic assembly machine, lengthening machine, clamp carrier, glue machine and so on.

  • surface treatment woodworking machinery

Including pasting machine, edge banding machine, heat transfer machine, vacuum laminating machine, etc.

  • Paint painting woodworking machinery

There are lacquer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, rolling coating machine, UV dryer, flow coating machine, dust cleaning machine, belt conveyor, coated box and so on.

Wood Dryer
  • Wood processor

Including wood drying machine, wood humidity adjustment machine, board repair machine, wood moisture meter, etc.

  • Dust removal system

Including single cloth bag dust collector, small indoor dust removal equipment, large pulse dust removal system, etc.

More woodworking machinery details,please check the following picture.It is the most comprehensive introduction for woodworking machinery.

11 types of woodworking machines