What is the woodworking machinery?

Wood processing machinery is called woodworking machinery.  

Woodworking refers to the process of changing the shape, size and surface quality of wood by cutter.  

The entire process from log harvesting to the final completion of wood products.  

There are many processes such as wood preservative treatment, wood-based panel production, natural wood and wood-based panel mechanical processing, finished product assembly and surface modification, while furniture production includes almost all processes.  

Each link of wood processing can not be separated from woodworking machinery.

Woodworking machinery has many kinds and large usage.

It is widely used in construction and furniture industry, water mold processing in factories, maintenance of wood products in units and home decoration industry.  

woodworking machinery

Woodworking machinery with the aid of saws, planer/thicknesser, lathe,milling, drilling and other processing method, to process wood into wood pattern, or wood-ware and all kinds of mechanical apparatus.

While the current architecture is mostly using reinforced concrete, wood still is indispensable to building a technology, the modern woodworking usually equipped with specialized woodworking machinery, realize mechanization and mass production. 

Woodworking machinery is also called the wood lathe, its processing object is lumber.

It is mainly used for timber and wood materials for processing, producing all kinds of wooden furniture.

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