What is wood panel machinery?  

There are many types of wood panel machinery.

wood panel machinery.

Abstract: Wood panel such as plywood, particle board and solid wood panels which should be use after processing.

It including panel blanking machine, panel forming machine, welding machine, auxiliary processing machine, lifting machine, polishing machine, surface coating machine etc.

Different panel processing technology is different, the panel machinery used will be different.  

Panel processing machinery develops rapidly, showing the development trend of high-tech intervention, follow the metalworking methods, with scale to drive efficiency, improve production efficiency and degree of automation.

What is wood panel machinery?  

Panel machinery is a kind of woodworking machinery, mainly used for processing solid wood panels and plywood, particleboard and other wood panels.

A variety of woodworking machines and other industrial machinery are used to process wood panels which including below:

wood table saw
  • Panel blanking machines: cutting machine, shearing machine, band saw, circular saw, gear cutting machine, punching machine, finger joint machine, sanding machine, planer, thicknesser, four sides moulder, double-sided planer, etc.  
  • Panel forming machines: CNC bending machine, ordinary bending machine, panel leveling machine, press, etc.  
  • Welding equipment: all kinds of welding machine.  
  • Auxiliary processing equipment: robot, mechanical arm, etc.  
  • Lifting machines: crane, crane jib, spreader, etc.  
  • Grinding machines: Sanding machine, polishing machine, etc.  
  • Surface coating equipment: powder coating production line, paint coating line, etc.  
What is the development trend of panel machinery?  

With the development of science and technology, new technology, new materials and new processes continue to spring up.

Panel machinery is also developing rapidly which development trend mainly presents as the following points.  

  1. High-tech intervention will promote automation and intelligent development.

In the future, electronic technology, nanotechnology, space technology and biotechnology will also be applied to panel processing machinery.  

2. Follow the metalworking methods, so that the plate can be reshaped as forging steel plate and assimilation with metal processing method.   

3. With scale to drive efficiency, most panel processing factory or plate processing machinery have the trend of large-scale.

 Backward, simple woodworking machinery will be eliminated.  

4. Improve the production efficiency, degree of automation, shorten the processing time and auxiliary time.

To improve the production efficiency by centralized process, the use of CNC assembly line and flexible processing unit between the automatic exchange workbench.  

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