What’s the Price of CNC Machine?

What is the CNC machine price ?This is a question that most client who buy CNC machines will ask.

And maybe that is why you are browsing this post. Now,we will take a closer look at the price of CNC machine.

For a newer in woodworking machinery ,you have to know that is the English abbreviation of Computer Numencal Control. It is a machine that uses the programming software to help in fabricating or replicating thousands of parts with intricacy, preciseness, and accuracy.

CNC wood router machine  is composed of power supply, gantry, CNC software/operating system, guide rails, vacuum system, dust port, limit switches, driver, and a motor.

Each of them plays an important role. Widely used in wooden door and furniture, windows, tables and chairs,cabinets and panels, 3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc.

What is the CNC machine price?

The price of CNC machine is a highly dependent factor on its size,targer production volume, computing software, target yield, durability, accuracy and multitasking. Depending on its use and quality,it costs between $500 and $500,000.

Determining factors affecting CNC Machine price

Just think about it, what make the CNC machine price so different? Why the prices of them can vary from thousands to hundreds of thousands millions?

CNC Milling Machine

Specifications of CNC machines plays a most important role that make the price differently, and the following are included:

Table size of CNC machine(XYZ axis)

In a CNC machine, the size of the machine tool is determined by the length of the cutting end moving along the XYZ axis.  The longer the range, the bigger and more expensive the machine.  

The material of CNC machine

Final finish and accuracy of the product being produced depends on the building material of CNC.

Heavy frame to ensure machine stability, if the aimed product requires a lot of impactful machining.While the aim is carving ,engraving or sign making, it can choice the lightweight maerial.

The speed of cnc machine

In general, the faster the high the maximum machining speed that a CNC machine can reach and the Rapid Motion speed, the more expensive the CNC machine is. 

Spindle speed (faster speed = better accuracy)

  • Movement speed (faster movement speed for higher efficiency)
  • Power (size of the servo motors, spindle torque)
  • Automatic tool changer (it is very important whether it is a machining center or a turning center)
  • Country of Manufacture (Korea, China, Taiwan vs Japan, Germany)
  • Options (such as automatic chip removal system, detection system, oil mist collector, bar conveyor, etc.)
  • Multi-axis (for example, the machining center can choose 4 or 5 axes, and the turning center can be selected for turning and milling)

Process Material

The 3rd significant element on which the cost of CNC machine depends is the material to be processed by the CNC router. In broad terms, CNC is a device that can puncture any type of product, however the most typical ones are wood, metal, stone, and EPS/Foam.

The CNC wood router can also be used for performing operations on acrylic, MDF, material or soft metals,etc,and sometimes soft steel can also be sculpted via it. While metal CNC is utilized for operating on iron, stainless-steel, brass, light weight aluminum, as well as tough plastics like PVC or MDF too.

Stone CNC can cut through stones including jade, crystal, ruby, and also others. Furthermore, EPS/Foam CNC router can carry out operations on Styrofoam and its uniqueness is it huge workplace. However, the price series of these CNC machines varies widely relative to the product they intend to process.

Different types of CNC machines price

Besides the factors, kinds of CNC machines influence its rate substantially too. CNC machine is a broad-spectrum term that defines to numerous subtractive operations carried out by the device. These procedures are classified either by the objective of use or its industrial application.

Typically CNC Mahcines are divided into 5 types with regard to the machining techniques.

CNC Machine TypesAverage Price Range
CNC Lathe machine$500 to $4,000
CNC Milling machine$5,000 to $8,000
Plasma cutting CNC machine$15,000 to $300,000
EDM CNC$16,000 to $20,000
CNC Laser machine$5,000 to $10,000
cnc machine price

CNC machines types

As we have been introduced the CNC machine price above.Let’s look at the price of different types of CNC from another perspective.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a CNC equipment specialist, you need to recognize that there are several sorts of CNC machines, such as CNC mills, CNC lathes, CNC routers, etc.

The cooler the CNC machine,the higher the prices.Let’s have a look at the rough price of the CNC machines.

Hobbyist-grade CNC Router$1k-3K
Profession CNC Router$5k-100K
3-axis vertical CNC machining center(Entry-level)$60k-100k
3-axis vertical CNC machining center(Production)$150k-300k
5-axis CNC milling machines (Entery-level)$200k-500k
5-axis CNC milling machines (Production)$500k+
2-axis CNC lathe (Entery-level) $30k-60k
2-axis CNC lathe (Production) $60k-250k
Multi-axis multi-spindle multi-turret vicious beast of a lathe with robot$500K+

These are just rough calculations. The price of different sizes of CNC machines varies from brand to brand. When choosing a CNC machine, we should consider our actual manufacturing needs .