Which Table Saw is Right for You?

Welcome to this table saw overview.

Table Saw Intro

We offer a massive lineup of table saw options, everything from portable jobsite saws to full production shop sliders and everything in between.

In this post I’ll walk you through some basic components, found on traditional table saws to help provide a better understanding of what to look for in your next saw.

First you’ll want to narrow down your table saw style which is based upon the type of work you intend to do.

Table Saw Types

There are several styles to choose from portable jobsite saws, hybrid contractor style saws, cabinet style saws and sliding table saws.

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Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Jobsite saws are lightweight and designed for mobility, either with the stand or used on a bench top and they offer a decent amount of ripping capacity for or those on-site tasks.

Hybrid Table Saw

A hybrid table saw often features many of the components found on the larger cabinet sauce, but in a lighter way package.That is a little bit lighter duty when it comes to work load now.

Hybrid saws can feature either a cabinet style bass or an open stand assign.

Cabinet table saws

Cabinet style table saws are production-ready saws, with larger horsepower motors heavy-duty fence and rail systems and are typically physically heavier. These make up the bulk of our table saw lineup.

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Sliding Table Saw

Sliding table saws are also production rating machines that excel at cutting sheet goods for cabinet parts or straight-line ripping material like slabs. They also make cross cutting plywood sheets safe and easy.

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Winmax TS250 Table saw

Now that you have a basic idea of table saw types. Let’s jump right in and take a look at our popular TS250 3HP 10 inch cabinet style table saw.

Table Saw Tables

Front and center is the table itself.

Most tables are going to be precision ground cast iron, however, some models may either feature a steel table or a steel extension wing.

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Here, In the case of the TS250 you have both a cast iron main table and wing and to the right of the main table where the fence rails extend to.

You can find the extension table spanning between the front rails .This space could be useful for add in items like a router table attachment such as our TS300 to 20 inch by 27 inch extension table.

And on the left side of the table, you can even add in a slider attachment, to maximize your sauce capabilities.

Now I mentioned the front and rear rails. Table saws feature a front rail tube which houses a measuring scale and fence assembly that can be locked into place.

Table saw Fence

The fence will often feature a hand-operated locking system. As well as adjustments that allow you to square the fence, to the blade, adjust the fence height and clamping pressure.

table saw fence

Riving Knife

You can also find some key safety features on top of each saw. Such as an inline riving knife and blade guard which, on some models, will even feature a integrated dust collection.

To remove the riving knife for operations such as cutting with the dado stack.

How to Remove a Riving Knife

Simply disconnect Power,raise the blade all the way ,and release the pin to remove the riving knife.

Table Inserts

Now I mentioned table inserts each model features an insert designed for proper blade clearance. Now each model will also feature a standard insert, which is usually metal and usually comes with. A dado stack insert as well.

Table saw inserts can be considered a consumable item and they can be purchased through working-machinery.com . So if you need to make any custom sized dado stack insert you can find among Winmax and make them yourself .

Table saw Below

Let’s take a look below the table. You can see here that the main items inside the table saw cabinet is the trunnion and the motor.

The trunnion supports the blade an arbor with its pulley assembly. As well as the gearing to allow the blade to both raise, lower and tilt .

Keeping your turning slides here and the orientation gears clean and well lubricated will help ensure smooth operation of your saw well into The future.

The table saw motor transfers power to the blade Arbor and pulley via belt system.

Table Saw Power

Table saw motors come in all sizes, ranging from 2 horsepower to massive 10 horsepower motors and are available from single-phase 115 volt to three-phase 220 volt or even 440. Volt options.


Always consider the power options in your shop when choosing a saw and ensure you have plenty of power on hand.

This saw is a 220 volt single phase 3 horsepower machine. Specs for the power output of this saw can be found on both the motor plate or on the identification label on the machine.

Now we looked at blade orientation gears inside the cabinet on the outside of the cabinet on the hand wheels that gets the blade in the right location.

On the front of the saw is the blade height hand wheel , and on the right hand side of the saw is the blade tilt hand wheel.

Each hand wheel features a lock knob to secure the setting and the blade tilt is represented in degrees shown on the tilt scale.

When you’re working away the last thing you want is a bunch of dust clogging up your saw cabinet, which is why each saw features a built-in dust port.Just to sure you have a proper dust collection system attached to the saw for operation.

Start and Stop Button

And finally, we come to the on/off switch, which really is as simple as it seems. You have a start button and right next to it, you either have a stop button or a paddle style. Safety switch to stop the motor on our larger sliding table saws. You also have an additional stop button in case the user is on the opposite side of the saw during operation.

When it comes to table saws of all sizes and styles. Look no further than Winmax industrial log on to working-machinery.com and search table saw to see our huge lineup of options and accessories all in one easy place.And you can check our company LinkedIn .