Introduction of CNC Tenoner CNC200

Welcome to the program of Winmax Enterprise Global Ltd and today we are going to talke about the CNC tenoner CNC200.

cnc tenoning machine

Basic of CNC Tenoner

This model is high speed tenon machine, operation is very easy and humanity.

Machine is able to produce a wide variety of square tenon, rectangular tenon, oval tenon, round tenon, including other tenons with various shapes from programmable controller and editing programs.

Sometime, we need the tenon to be 100mm, 20mm, 115mm, 120mm.

If we need to make bigger tenons, like 200mm or 400mm for wooden beds or various products for bed pieces or other indoor furniture.

However, most of the commonly used standards for furniture products are 200mm.

Let’s take a look at the CNC200 tenoning machines that can do 200mm tenon.

Configuration of CNC Tenoning Machine


It is equipped with a touch screen Controller by HUST.

Hust is a worldwide renowned brand.

They have big factories in Taiwan.

This controller have two installed languages.

The two languages are Chinese and English

We can easily switch between the languages.


In addition to well-known brands, this machine has two drives.

And the drivers are very compatible.

The drivers are also made by Hust.

Electric Systems

Here is the driver and Schneider Electric Systems.

Schneider Electric Systems, a well-known European brand.

The quality is top notch.


For a CNC machine, this machine is designed to be easy to use.

At the same time processing the two ends of the workpiece, significantly increase production capacity.

This machine can make different types of tenons.

The table’s width goes up to 430mm.

Please refer to video of machine operation on our product CNC Tenoner T1

We can easily set up different type of tenon on this machine.

It is easily to change from a large tenon setting to a small tenon setting.

This machine is suitable if you need to make different types of tenons.

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