Multifunction CNC Engraving Wood Lathe Machine

This lathe apply to Stair Wooden Railing, the leg

of chair & Desk, Sofa etc rotating wooden products machining.


Multifunction automatic  CNC Engraving Wood Lathe machine  (Wood turning +Fluting+Cylinder Engraving+Flat Engraving


wood graving lathe

According the requirement and characteristics of woodworking industry, CNC woodworking lathe combining CNC and other mechanical technology, could process the complex shape of the wood rotary products or semi-finished wood products. , such as staircase column,cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical etc. It is especially suitable for the mass production of small or medium-scale wood enterprises, set shape flexibly and changing processing style rapidly.

Video for double turning wood lathe

cnc woodworking engraving machine

Main Features:

(1)The cnc engraving lathe machine has 2 cutters (The Rough turning cutter and finish turning cutter worksynchronously with layered process) and so that improve the efficiency and workpiece surface quality.

(2)Driving system:Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, could adjust the turning speed at any time to solve the problem of materials’ vibration.

(3) Linear square rails,ballscrews,and some electronic components are imported, high precision and durable.

(4) It is heavy-duty and heavy weight with good stability,avoid shaking when the spindle rotates fast or the big sizes workpiece process, and the main spindle speed can be adjusted through the frequency converter.

(5)Performance part: high accuracy stepper motor, after program calculating, guarantee the exact processing size.

(6)Feeding part:Taiwan CSK high quality straight line sliding rails and TBI precise ball screw, control the linear error effectively.

(7)Spindle: we could configure single spindle with two pcs cutter or one pc cutter, single spindle could configure chuck, two cutters could do rough turning and finish turning at the same time for high efficiency and surface quality. (Double spindles has stop to produce again. In fact,the modle is not good to the turning the wood products, it is very slow when turning the big sizes column, and there have many defects at design to the Double Spindle lathe, Such as the Sanding, Centering, Programming,Upper Spindle Structural Stability etc)

(8)Easy operation, we can draw by Coredraw,Artcam,autoCAD and other softwares, and the control directly by the CNC cabinet computer (Industrial PC configuration) or transfer the files to machine by a USB (DSP handle configuration).

Model CNC315W engraving wood  lathe machine
Function Wood turning
Max working
Feeding Speed 3000mm/min
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Spindle Motor 5.5KW/580W /2.2kw
Overall size 2750*1300*1650 mm
X,Y,Z Axis
Yako drive
Linear Guide Taiwan – CSK
Drive train Taiwan TBI
Tools Turning tools 2pcs/
Fluting tools 2 pcs/
engraving tools 1 box
Control Software Numerical control woodworking lathe operating system
Mastercam/UG etc
12 Inches large color
LCD display,
curve drawing or
photo scanning curve
plotting, automatic
generation of
international general
G code program files
English teaching  videos and instruction

Various cylindrical workpiece, bowl sharp, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts, such as various staircase column, Roman column, general column, tables or chairs legs, washstand, wooden vase, wooden table, baseball bat, car wooden furniture, children’ s bed column, etc.

More details

cnc woooworking lathe detail








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Our workers will make sure your cnc wood lathe machine clean before package.

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After sales services

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