What is a wood lathe used for?  

Wood lathe is a type of woodworking machine.

Such as door handles, gyro, desk and chair legs are made of wood lathe.

It use to manufacture circular work piece. 

To use the cutting tool to process the wood by turning lathe.

The use of specific methods is to choose the appropriate wood, put the wood into a wood lathe, and then adjust the head position and distance. 

Choose the right tool according to the wood of the workpiece, first rough cutting, then high-speed turning, and final sand by sandpaper.  

The use of woodworking lathes should also pay attention to the choice of wood, tool speed adjustment and other aspects.  

The following to understand the use of woodworking lathes and matters needing attention.

What is a wood lathe used for?  

Wood lathe is a type of woodworking machinery. 

It used to make round wood workpiece which make by lathe bed, and lathe bed tailstock installation at the end of the guide rail, and tool holder installed in the central of the lathe bed guide rail, and bed head box installed at the head, and spindle, chuck and motor installed on the headstock, and variable speed drive installed on the motor shaft and main shaft.

Woodworking lathe use turning tools to process wood.

There are three main types: ordinary wood lathes, copying wood lathes and round bar machines.

What are the precautions for operation of the wood lathe?  
Wood lathe
  1. Before use, should check carefully all parts of the lathe such as tools, chucks, whether flexible and reliable.

 The work piece should be clamped and pressed with a thimble, and try by hand first before starting. 

Confirm the good condition before starting the operation.  

2. It should be based on the hardness of the workpiece wood, choose the suitable feeding material, adjust the speed when operate. 

3. In the process of turning, do not touch to check the smoothness of the work piece to avoid accidents.

   To remove the tool hold first, then use sandpaper for grinding.

When woodworking lathe rotation, can not use hand brake.

4. When square wood is processed, it must be processed into a cylinder before it can be processed on the lathe.

The wood with joints or cracks can not be processed on the woodworking lathe.

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